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AutoCAD Data

Download DXF File

Informative Graphics Free AutoCAD Viewer provides  Informative Graphics Free AutoCAD Viewer to view dxf files. This viewer is free and available on the Informative Graphics Web site. 

Data Description:

  • The property parcel data is provided in dxf format.
  • This format is most suitable for use in AutoCAD. However, certain other CAD and GIS software is capable of reading dxf files.
  • Each file covers one square mile section.
  • The files are organized by township and section.

File Naming Convention:

Township Name Abbreviation (2 characters) + Section Number (2 characters)lb.dxf

Example: de10lb.dxf (Delano Township Section 10)

Download Instructions:

  • Step 1: Select the desired township by clicking on the appropriate township square.
  • Step 2: Right-click on the desired dxf file for download.
    NOTE: The files are not formatted for viewing on this Web site.
Access Coordinate System Information

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