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GIS Download Data

Data Layers Available for Download

Data is provided in ESRI shapefile and file geodatabase feature class formats. Layers developed by Sedgwick County Data Development team.

For Most GIS Web Users:

For More Advanced GIS Data Users:

ESRIThis data download service is provided primarily for GIS professionals requiring resident copies of the GIS source data.

Use of the downloaded shapefiles and feature classes will require an ESRI geographic information system (GIS) software product or CAD software that is capable of reading shapefiles and feature classes. ESRI products are available at

If you do not own ESRI or CAD software, and you need to access the resident shapefile or feature class data, then ESRI provides ArcGIS Explorer, a free viewer designed for basic data viewing and query. Download the needed GIS shapefiles or feature classes, and the ArcGIS Explorer software.

Access Shapefile Metadata

Click on a link or select a Layer from one of the boxes to download.

Access Coordinate System Information

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