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Geographic Information Services

Election Districts

Select District Type

Maps showing political boundaries within Sedgwick County may be selected from the categories in the above table. The voter precincts, city council districts, Sedgwick County Commission districts, unified school districts, and Kansas State legislative districts may be seleced by district boundary or city boundary.

Printable maps are in the Adobe PDF format, and may be downloaded, viewed, and printed on your printer. Saving the maps to your computer allows you to review the map at any time, without the need to download the map again each time you wish to view or print the map.

Get Acrobat Reader

The election maps require the free Adobe Reader to view and print. Best results are obtained printing on the size of paper the map was created to be printed. However, Adobe Reader is capable of printing these maps on larger or smaller page sizes.

Each map may be saved to your computer by 'clicking' on the floppy disk icon on the Adobe Reader toolbar

Adobe provides assistance for using their free Adobe Acrobat Reader at

Sedgwick County provides these maps as a service and does not provide support or assistance to download files, view Adobe PDF files, or print Adobe PDF files on printers.

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