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Sedgwick County Geographic Information Services ADDRESS
Official seal of Sedgwick County, Kansas.  The 'Keeper of the Plains' Indian against a light blue background encompassed by a circle fram with the words Sedgwick County arched on top with the word Kansas in blue lettering arched below with two wheat stalks and sunflowers seperating.

Sedgwick County
Geographic Information Services
525 N. Main,
Suite 212
Wichita, KS 67203
Tel:(316) 660-9290
Fax:(316) 262-1174



Note: The Sedgwick County GIS website utilizes pop up windows to display some of the information provided. If you have installed a "Pop Up Killer" on your computer, it will have to be disabled for the website to function properly.

  • Latest News The GIS Interactive map portal is now available.
    The current "Roads", "Elections", and "Land & Zoning" maps below will be permanently replaced with the new interactive Map Portal on June 3, 2013. Please update any bookmarks you may have to the new portal URL:

    The new technology requires Adobe Flash viewer; download here.

Address Documents

Sedgwick County has been working on an addressing project which will be an information resource to many local jurisdictions, including Emergency Communications (911), the Elections Office, the Tag Offices and the cities of Sedgwick County. As part of this effort, the Wichita/Sedgwick County Address Committee has developed addressing standards that ensure logical and consistent assignment of addresses. The document, Addressing in A Regional Context, has taken two years to research and compile. It includes addressing best practices from around the country - modified to fit our local needs - and is an excellent resource for anyone involved in naming streets and assigning address numbers in Sedgwick County.

GIS Services

Sedgwick County Geographic Information Services (SCGIS) provides integrated geographic mapping and analysis services and has become the primary provider of GIS data for the Wichita/Sedgwick County region. SCGIS is a service area within the Division of Information and Operations (DIO). Data and services are provided to citizens, County staff, municipalities, and public/private organizations. Key services include data development and conversion, mapping, data queries, geo-spatial analysis, application development, and website support.

Web based GIS Access

The SCGIS website provides a portal to key mapping data as services: ready-made printable maps, interactive “make your own” maps, viewable\downloadable images (plat, clerk map, and aerial photography), and downloadable GIS layers in ESRI Shapefile and AutoCAD DXF format. The most recent addition to the Website is a countywide zip code map developed in conjunction with the United States Postal Service (USPS), accessible through the “Ready to Print Maps” link.

Mapping Services to Citizens

The SCGIS team also provides custom mapping\analysis services for maps not available on the website. Contact the GIS office at 316.660.9290 to place requests. Services are provided as time permits.

Mapping Internal Services

GIS applications serve an integral role in several County Departments, including the Appraiser’s Dept, the County Treasurer’s Dept., the Fire Dept., 911, the Emergency Operations Center, and the Sheriff’s Dept. Currently, DIO-GIS is integrating geocoding functionality with database administration to provide long-term enhancements to Sedgwick County's ability to respond to public safety emergencies.


Our Mission: 

To use geography as a framework to improve Sedgwick County services by transforming its decision-making processes through improved presentation and integration of data.

Sedgwick County, working for you


GIS Services
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Make Your Own Maps
Ready to Print Maps
View/Download Images
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