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  • GIS Manager Frank Hutto

    Frank Hutto
    GIS Manager

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View/Download Images

  • Aerial Photos Year 2003/2006/2008/2011 and 2014 Color (MrSID)
    The aerials are color photographs compressed with Lizard Tech compression technology as MrSID graphics. The file size of the MrSID compressed images vary from five to seven megabytes.  Sedgwick County, in partnership with the City of Wichita, has teamed up to make available updated countywide 2014 color aerial photos. The images are now available for download.

  • Plat Maps (TIFF)
    A plat is a parcel of land that has been divided into lots, blocks, streets, etc. Most of the developed areas and cemeteries in Sedgwick County are platted, however not all land in Sedgwick County is platted. The 8,000 + plat files vary in size between 10,000 bytes (10K) and 26 megabytes.

  • County Clerk Quarter-Section Map Images (TIFF)
    The quarter-section maps are TIFF images scanned from hand-inked maps maintained by the County Clerks Office. These maps are tiled on a quarter mile section basis and show platted and unplatted land as well as the associated easements, setbacks and right-of-way information. The 4,064 (+/-) TIFF files vary in size between 22,000 bytes (10K) and 2 megabytes.

  • Tax Unit Maps
    The Tax Unit Maps are TIFF images scanned from hand-inked maps produced and maintained by the County Clerk's office. Each map is bordered by township boundaries and therefore depicts a 36(+/-) square mile area. The 28 files vary in size between 220KB & 2600 KB.

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